Cookie Policy

Hilal Genç Odası.tr website ('website'/> to protect the privacy and personal data of their visitors to provide a better use experience to our visitors. We use internet cookies. This Cookie Usage Policy ('Policy'/> describes that all website visitors and users are used in which kind of cookies are used in the conditions. This policy is implemented with which technologies to the Web Site without depending on which methods and what way you are connected. Therefore we recommend that you read this policy carefully and receive a copy of them in the future.

What is the cookie and used for which purposes ?

Cookie is the small data storage files that are saved on your computeren mobile phones tablets or other mobile devices that you have access to your computer. This file is stored in your website ride. Thus your devices you provide will remember your data when you use the Web site again. Therefore cookies are necessary and important to use the Web site effectively and easier. Cookies are also used in the Web site and to offer you more appropriate services products or offers on the websites of third parties.

The Main Purpose Of The Use Cookies ?

Needs some technical data to be used more effectively for web site,
The Company's Web site scan and use and use the information about your habits,
Our company the regulation of publications made in the Internet media in the Internet environment and the crimes committed through these publications are made in the law and the publications in the Internet environment. The need for personal data such as your IP address to fulfill the legal and contractual obligations especially the procedures and principles of the procedural and the principles.
The need for personal data such as your IP address to fulfill the legal and contractual obligations especially the procedures and principles of the procedural and the principles.

What Kind Of Data Are We Processing With Cookies

Cookies are generally dependent on their speciesen in generalen collects data on your screening and use preferences on the device you access to the Web site. These data includes all the information that you accessen all the information you review our products are on the website.

What kind Of Cookies Are We Use In What Ways ?

We use different types of cookies on the Website. These are compulsory cookies function cookies analysis / performance cookies and targeting / advertising cookies.

Types Of Cookies In Terms Of Use

Cookies that are required to be used: These cookies are the cookies that are necessarily necessary for the website to work properly. These cookies are needed to be managed and the system is needed to prevent fake transactions and the website will not be able to work. Function Cookies: These cookies are cookies used to experience a more advanced and easy operating experience. For example remembering your previous preferences fulfills the functions of ensuring that you are comfortably access to some content on the website. You can block the use of these cookies as described in detail below. Analysis / Performance Cookies: These cookies are able to analyze your website's functioning and interact with you and interact with you. Targeting / Ad Cooking Cookies: These cookies are used to offer you to offer content that can be interested in including advertising contents. You can block the use of these cookies as described in detail below. However if you block these cookies it will be provided with general content ads instead of ads that will be interested in your advertising content.

Types Of Cookies In Terms Of The Time It Hides

Permanent Cookies (Persistent Cookies/>: The cookies continue to exist until a specific date or user is deleted on one's computer. These cookies are often used to measure users' site movements and preferences. Session Cookies (Session Cookies/>: These cookies are used to sessify the user's visit and do not collect data from the user. The cookie is deleted when the user has turned off the web page where it is visited or the passive for a certain period of time. In the Web site the third parties are used to provide services to ensure service services and the target and monitoring cookies are used to improve the effectiveness of these services. These cookies can remember the web pages and sites you have visited and can collect personal data especially the IP address of the user device. Website collect information and to recall your interests and demographic data and to offer you the targeted ads improve the ads and the number of advertising displays and the number of advertising displays and the rate of advertising services are both first-party and third to determine the number of advertising services and interactions related to advertising services. the party uses cookies. Website; Facebook and LinkedIn benefit from social plugins that link to social networks such as social networks. When you visit the Web site and use these plugins the website is connected directly to the server of the selected social network. Then the content offered by the plugin is delivered directly to your web browser from social networks and is added to the website you are visiting. Thus the social network can process your own data and combine with data on your account on the relevant social network. Please note that social networks are not any effect and control over the scope of the data he processed through add-ons. For the purpose of social networks for which purpose in which methods and in which time please review the policies of the processing of personal data published by the relevant social networks.

How can you block the use of cookies ?

The use of cookies can prevent the use of cookies if you wish you better serve the website. However in this case please note that the site cannot show full functionality and all features. To prevent the use of cookies you need to change your Internet browser settings. These changes change according to the device and the Internet browser you are using. Below we have included information on what steps should be monitored to prevent the use of cookies from different internet browsers.

Internet Explorer

1/> Open your desktop and click to Internet Explorer to under your task bar.

2/> Click your tools Button and Internet options.

3/> Click on the Privacy tab then move the slider on the bottom of the Settings and then touch or click OK.

Microsoft Edge

1/> Click the section of the Microsoft EDGE browser with three points marks from the upper right corner and come to the Settings section.

2/> After selecting the items to be cleaned from the new window select the sections you want to clean it out of the window.

3/> There are many parts here. You can start the cleaning process by selecting what you want.

Google Chrome

1/> Open Google Chrome in your computer

2/> Clik to other setting in right corner.

3/> Click Advanced at the bottom.s

4/> Click on content settings under 'Privacy and Security'.

5/> Click Cookies.

6/> Search our web site name into 'All Cookies And Web Site Datas'.

7/> Click to remove right corner on site .

Mozilla Firefox

1/> Click the FireFox menu button and select Options.

2/> Select the privacy and security panel and go to the past section.

3/> Change the Firefox setting to use custom settings for the past.

4/> 'Show the cookies ...' button.The Cookies window will appear.

5/> Search: In the field type the name of the site you want to delete their cookies. Cookies matching your search will be displayed.

6/> Select the cookie you want to delete and click the Delete Selected button.

7/> Close the Cookies window by clicking the Close button. Then About: Close the Preferences page.


1/> Choose Safari > Preferences

2/> Click to Privacy button.

3/> Click to web datas.

4/> Select one or more websites and then click Delete or Delete All.

In other main web browsers you can find more information on how to do this process at or

You can also delete all the cookie with the third-party software that the websites you visit behind.