Kirpi Kids

After starting out life in 1996 as a little factory named Hilal Genç Odasi (HGO Kids) in Inegol, we have grown to be one of the Turkey’s leading brand for inspirational children’s bedrooms. In 2021 we changed our brand to Kirpi Kids. When you are a part of it, you put your heart into it. Being a parent too, I know the challenges of juggling the wants and desires of children, with the functionality and practicality you need from a bedroom, all while keeping an eye on the costs. With Kirpi Kids you can add a little sparkle to a room of any size, with space-saving, multi-functional pieces that encourage creativity and spark the imagination.

For children, a bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep it’s so much more.

A space to play, relax, study and explore in surroundings that are truly their own where they can be totally themselves. Our mission for Kirpi Kids is to help parents create fabulous bedrooms for their children, spaces that make them feel safe and secure, help them to develop and grow, and harness the confidence to become the amazing individuals they already are. After all, happy children means happy parents!

Our Principles We Call The Key to Success
  • Increasing Customer Value
  • We care about experience and quality,
  • We continue our service after sales
  • We adapt to innovations and differences.
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